China Love by Victoria Kimani

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Lyrics for China Love by Victoria Kimani

Take it low break it down now
Roll it up
It’s been a while you been around now
Coz you were turnin up in Ibiza
Aaaah oooh yeaaah
I been waiting on you all day
Thinking ’bout your body all day
Tryna get you’re body today
Baby don’t do me baadada
You got me all alone in inside over
Now I’m looking for love in calaba
I thought I was the one you mad over aaah,No me want no China love
I need a special kinda love
Original designer love
If you got it baby halla halla halla ×2
No China love
No China love
No China love
No China loveLove it up gimme
Rough it up take it easy
Let me down mislead me
Touch me touch me leak me please me
Girl I know you love it when me put it down
Make it …
From the kitchen to the bed and to the

by Bahizi

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