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Martin Kubwimana is the founder and CEO of Mood Converter He moved to South Africa in 2015 looking for opportunities and word worked in the It company for the period of 2 years before he starts working on his own projects , he started coding app, like Maku video downloader then after he thought creating something for music lovers, he created mood converter website in 2017 and 2019 he launched Mood Converter android app  . Mood converter has the past 3 years grown to one of Africa’s leading music services primarily from south africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria. The company works with musicians across Africa and has signed a licensing deal with DMC Music Group. The aim is to provide music lovers easy and affordable access to music.

Image By Mood Converter

Conference and Panel Speaker:

Jan, NY:LON Connect, Dubai: The Next Billion Listeners: What (and who)’s next for streaming?

Jun, Midem, FR: Are streamers the future labels?
Mar, SXSW, Dubai: Advantages of Regional Music Services Around the World
Feb, ONGEA, KE: Enough With The Bad Deals, Understanding your Legal Protection as an Artist
Jan, NY:LON Connect, Zimbabwe: Panel Discussion on Africa

Jun, Mariam, FR: Connectivity, Access & Songs Distribution
Feb, Talk, KE: Show me the Money! Is the music industry of Eastern Africa ready for investment

Dec, NEST, KE: #WhatsNextEntertainment
Sep, Nairobi Garage, KE: After Office Hours Talks
Mar, HEVA Forum, KE: On-Demand Content Distribution: Opportunities For Film & Music, Or Just A Passing Cloud?
Feb, ONGEA Music Summit, KE: Digital Music, is it making money?

Dec, NEST, KE: #WhatsNextEntertainment
Nov, Alchemy Creative Sessions, KE: The Future of Music Distribution

Nov, Nailab, KE: Leon Launch Internet.org in Zambia

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Email: martinwinner75@gmail.com

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